Having an engagement photo session prior to the actual wedding day is a great opportunity for both you and your fiancé to have some fun and get to connect with your wedding photographer even better.  For any of the couples who has been photographed by Henry Wang from Lucy’s Photo Studio will attest that when they are having their photos taken by Henry time really flies and especially for anyone who may think they are just not photogenic or camera shy, Henry always finds a way to capture those relaxed but absolutely gorgeous images with real emotions!  With Henry’s photography style of candid and relaxed portraits he is always able to capture the intimate side of each unique couple, making the pictures unique to the engaged couple.  And obviously more time spent between the photographer and the couple will definitely yield a better working relationship as well as potentially amazingly awesome photos captured on their big day!

When photographing engagement sessions, Henry usually prefers to spend the time during the session at places and environments that’ll besides produce a great image, but also be in tune with the couple’s tastes and likes.  We’ve realized that having the couple photographed in places that have meaning to their relationship really adds so much to their session and the images that results.  We suggest locations where the proposal took place, first kiss happened, or where they first met, but seems like some of the more popular places are any of the many awesome beaches in Southern California including Santa Monica beach and the Pier, Laguna Beach, Redondo Beach, and Victoria Beach.  But non-beach-y places get’s love too!  We’ve photographed engagement photography sessions also at universities like USC , UCLA, and other locations like the Pasadena City Hall, Viceroy Hotel(Santa Monica), Downtown Disney Concert Hall, Union Station in Downtown LA, Descanso Gardens,  Los Angeles Arboretum (Arcadia), and Disneyland among other countless locations.   Our suggestion to you is tell us which location is special to you and let us put our creative touch on it to make it an meaningful photo session that will wow your friends and family when you show them off on the day of the wedding!

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