Over the years we’ve heard about so many stories where someone went to a drug store or warehouse club store to get their photos done to find out weeks later that their application was denied / rejected because the photo did not follow the correct guidelines set by the authorities!  Let’s face it, lots of people are always asking “where can I get my passport photo taken”  But what they really mean is where can I go get my passport photo taken where I will look like myself and not a mug shot or some DMV photo!  Most passport photo and visa photo rules were changes globally since 9-1-1 and having correct Passport Photos and Visa photos save you time and money and more importantly saves you from problems when applying or renewing!  Let Lucy’s Photo Studio help!

  • Please Call or Text 626-287-1112 ahead of time to setup an appointment
  • They’re usually ready for pickup in around 15~20 minutes.
  • Our address is:  9226 E. Las Tunas Dr.  Temple City, CA  91780
  • Our Phone is:  626-287-1112
  • Store Hours:  Open by APPOINTMENTS ONLY

Prices for Passport / ID / Visa / Green Card / US Citizenship Photos are:

  • United States Passport / Visa / Green Card / Citizenship / Naturalization Photo  $25 for a set of 4 — 2inx2in photos  (ID Sized Digital File via email +$10.  CD +$10)
  • Most country Visa 2″x2″ Photo  $25 for a set of 4 photos.  (ID Sized Digital File via email +$10.  CD +$10)
  • Canadian Passport and Citizenship Photo  $35 for a set of 4 photos.(ID Sized Digital File via email +$10.  CD +$10)
  • Taiwan Identification Card / ID / Passport Photo  $25 for a set of 4 photos.  (ID Sized Digital File via email +$10.  CD +$10)
  • China Passport and ID Photo  –  See Price Chart Above
  • Infant/Baby under 1 year old, unable to sit alone  ADD $10

Use Your Own Digital File – Print as is. 0% work needed – $15/4 copies

Use Your Own Digital File – Any work needed (resize…etc) – $30/4 copies

Links for US Passport Applying or Renewing:

How to Dress for Passport & Visa Photos?

As far as US, Canada and EU countries go, there is no “dress code” for Passport Photos.  However, here are some tips how to dress for passport photo.

  • Avoid white clothes

In general, please avoid white clothes.  Most background being white, if you wear white, it will be blended into the back, resulting only your head looks floating in the air.  These photos could be judged as “not enough contrast against background”, resulting rejection of your Passport and Visa application.

This rule applies to infants and babies.  Please have them dressed with colored clothes.

  • In winter, please avoid turtleneck sweater. It covers your neck and chin.

All counties do not allow to wear earrings and eye glasses.  Let’s keep it simple. 🙂

  • No glasses
  • No earrings

Some counties do not allow eyeglasses, like French Visa and Mexican Passport photos.  UK(Britain) “recommends” not wearing glasses.  Starting November 2016, USA Passport and Visa photos’ requirements changed to not allow glasses worn for the photo.

As a general rule, we strongly recommend NOT to wear glasses.  Governments want to collect your biometric data based on your natural facial information.  You don’t wear the same glasses for other 10 years anyway.  If you are asked, you can just take them off. If you insist wearing them, you must understand that you are taking chances.

  • No hair covering your ears and face (not even your cute eyebrows!).

In most cases, you should show your both ears clearly.

Thanks for stopping by! Please give us a call or send a quick note if you have any questions regarding my services!

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